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Well… Here I am again, posting long after I had hoped to.  The good news is that my time has not been wasted.  Instead of posting updates on this forum, I have been spending a lot of time working closely with our FABULOUS Instructional Technology Teacher, Robbi Makely, updating our school’s website and crafting our school’s wikipage.  Check them out!

DCIS at Ford Website

DCIS at Ford Wikipage

Our hope is that now the school’s website accurately reflects the values and instructional strategies we embrace here at DCIS at Ford.  Likewise, the wikipage is a dynamic new site where student learning is made visible and accessible.  Please visit this page if you are interested in seeing in detail all of the exciting work our teachers, students and their Harmony Artists have been up to.  The page is updated regulalry, so please visit often.  🙂

Other Updates…

We have Demonstrations of Learning on the calendar and I wanted to be sure to reach out to all of our supporters with an invitation.  Please check out the dates and times of the below happenings, and if you are able to attend one or more just let me know.  It would be an honor to show you just how much we have grown in the past year and a half.

March 22, 2013 – Kindergarten Presents The Life-cycle of a Butterfly

Kindergartners have been working closely with Harmony Artist, Rachael Sharp, to demonstrate through movement the miraculous journey each caterpillar must undergo in order to stretch its’ beautiful wings.  There will be two shows, one in English and one in Spanish, at both 9:00 and 10:00 in our school’s auditorium.  Come check out how engaging live performance can be when you add a layer of technology into the mix! 

March 2013:  Second Graders Launch an Anti-Bully Campaign

Second Graders are “Speaking Up” and raising awareness on the importance of accepting others just as they are.  Through a series of powerful events, these students are raising their voice and proclaiming DCIS at Ford a Bully Free Zone! 

April 4, 2013: No More Pain an Anti Bully Event

First, check out the talented Mr. Bentley Green.  He is well known child rapper (once seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show) whose lyrics to No More Pain are about the standing tall in the face of bullies.  Bentley will be Skyping in with our second graders early in the day and sharing with them his own sentiment on why bullying should not be tolerated. 

April 04, 2013:  Anti-Bully Rally

Second Graders will take to the hallways with the school’s very first No Bully Zone Rally.  Starting in the gym at 3:10 students will commence with anti-bully slogans and posters of their own design.  Thereafter these little movers and shakers will infect the rest of the student body with positive messages of acceptance and perserverance.  This inspiring experience should not be missed.

April 11, 2013

Our kiddos have quite a surprise in store for the community during dismissal!  Mums the word on the details, but suffice to say these second graders are gonna show you some of their own skills in the front yard of our school at 4:00 sharp.  Are ya ready??!

April 25, 2013:  Anti-Bully Mural Reveal and Spoken Word Presentation

The third and final component to our Anti Bully Campaign will be held in the gym on April 25th when our students will reveal the giant mural they created with Harmony Artist, Adam Buehler.  The reveal will be followed by a few words from our students about their own exposure to violence and bullying.  Join us in celebrating the conclusion of this exciting campaign for change.

May 2, 2013:  First Grade Hosts a Healthy-Living Community Potluck

First Graders invite you to join us in the cafeteria from 4:30 – 6:00 on May 2nd to share in a healthy potuck dinner.  Students will be selling the recipe book they have been working on to raise money for a local charity whose focus is on building healthy communities.  Details are still being ironed out, but it looks like there may be some zumba in the air, so bring your dancing shoes.  I am sure you will be as impressed as I am as you stroll through the cafeteria soaking in all of the helpful and healthful art decorating the walls.  Another cheers to Harmony Artist, Adam Buehler, for helping our students take ownership in their learning enviroment in creative an educational ways. 

That should about cover it for now.  I will be back soon with some reflections on these events, but please remember to visit our school’s wikipage for more details on the exciting work underway here at DCIS at Ford.

Adios ~ Tamera


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