About the Author

Tamera (Cone) Sakotas attended the University of Florida and New World School of the Arts where she graduated with a BFA in Theatre. In 1998, Tamera co-founded and managed Miami-based New World School of the Arts Summer Arts Camp, which continues to provide a top-notch, cross disciplinary arts education to children of need in Miami, FL . In 2000, Tamera co-developed an arts curriculum and taught elementary aged children in Liberty City, one of Miami’s most impoverished neighborhoods. In 2002, Tamera left Miami for New York City, where she served as a Co-Artistic Director for an emerging theatre company; but she eventually left the position disenchanted with the industry, believing that the arts should give more than they should receive. In 2007, Tamera joined the team of talented and generous arts educators at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, where she developed an arts curriculum aimed at integrating multiple learning goals under the auspice of “drama”. In 2009 Tamera completed her Master’s degree in International Education at the New York University. In 2008 and 2009 Tamera worked at Sesame Workshop as a Curriculum Specialist in the Outreach Division, where she collaborated on projects to increase respect and understanding, foster literacy and numeracy skills, promote health and wellness and nurture the social and emotional development of preschoolers living in underserved communities. Currently Tamera is a contributing writer for an online global learning organization called Project Explorer.   Her work roots interdisciplinary and creatively integrated lesson plans into Math and English Language Arts Common Core State Standards as well as the National Science Education Standards. Tamera continues to develop and implement Arts and Enrichment programs throughout the Denver Public School district.

To view Tamera’s resume click here—–>Tamera Sakotas EXTENDED RESUME


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