Supporting Documents

Colorado Creative Industries is a division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade.  In 2012 this organization conducted an in-depth case study on the Integrated Global Arts program at the Denver Center for International Studies.  To read the findings, please click here.—–>   DCIS Case Study

Teachers participating in the Integrated Global Arts program were asked for their feedback.  To hear what the teachers have to say click here.—–> What the Teachers Say

The Denver Center for International Studies at Ford is part of a much larger global education network created by the Asia Society.  The Asia Society is the leading educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context.  Each school works closely with an Asia Society consultant to ensure that the highest standards are being adhered to.  To read more about the depth and quality of the Integrated Global Arts program within the context of this global learning network, please click here. —–>Asia Society Recommendation Letter

Trevista Enrichment was the first of its kind in the district because it employed Community Partners and Independent Service Providers to provide students with nontraditional learning opportunities DURING the school day.  This program model provided all teachers with much needed collaborative planning time while also giving students access to activities generally limited to out of school time.  To learn more about the kinds of classes offered at Trevista Enrichment click here.  —–>Trevista Brochure

Trevista was heralded by district administrators as a program model that not only works, but one that should be (and currently is being) replicated.  To read more about what the folks in the DPS Department of Extended Learning have to say click here. —–>Dept. of Extended Learning Recommendation Letter

Non and for profit organizations throughout the Denver area frequently voiced their enthusiasm for the access Trevista Enrichment provided to an otherwise tough-to-reach demographic of students.  To hear what our friends at the Denver Extension 4-H club had to say about Trevista Enrichment click here —–>4-H Club Recommendation Letter


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